Largest spreader in the range heads off to Australia

The largest spreader in Bunning’s range, a Lowlander Widebody 380 HD HBD, recently passed through the factory before being shipped to Australia.

The 380 HBD is the largest machine in Bunning’s spreader range, with its three equal-sized axles, 38t capacity and 21t sprung drawbar offering users the ability to carry and spread a wide range of products.

Measuring 11.3m long from drawbar to rear disc, it has a carrying bed 2m longer than the 230 HBD – the second biggest machine built at Bunning’s Norfolk manufacturing site – and is 3.7m wide with the wheels sitting outside the body.

Although these larger spreaders aren’t a common sight in the UK, they are popular with farmers and contractors in countries with less road width restrictions and the need to carry large quantities of manure over greater distances.

Features include many from the HBD range, including dynamically balanced 695mm horizontal beaters, 1.1m diameter spinning discs, and the option to adjust spread patterns via the blade position and rear canopy. As standard, the 380 HBD is built weigh cell ready.