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Knut Espen Hystad

Knut Espen Hystad visited the Norwegian Agricultural Machinery show in Lillestrom in November 2009 to find a new manure spreader. Hektner Maskin AS were displaying a Lowlander 105 Compact which met most of Knut Espen’s requirements. “We did not have a spinner deck on the stand” said Hans Christian Hektner “But were able to advise on it’s suitability as we have sold several in the past”. Helping on the stand was Oystein Koht Nordby who runs 2 Bunning Lowlander spreaders, one with a spinner deck, the two were introduced and Oystein was able to help and advise about the attributes of the detachable spinner deck. A deal was struck and the new machine was delivered for spring 2010. Mr Hystad is extremely pleased with his machine, especially the results from spreading Chicken manure which is mostly applied in the Spring before sowing cereal crops. “The large diameter tyres make the machine very easy to pull and do very little damage to the soil, we are able to use our John Deere 6420 which is also light on the soil” said Mr Hystad. The machine is shared with some neighbours and has the spinner deck removed when doing other types of manure.

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