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C. Bell & Son at Capheaton, Northumberland

Simon BellC. Bell & Son are a contracting and beef finishing business operating at Capheaton in Northumberland.  The business is run by Cecil Bell and his son Simon.  The main services offered are muck spreading, round baling and other associated services covering a customer base of thirty local farms.

We have used Bunning spreaders for approximately 15 years.  Having used Lowlander 90 Mk3 spreaders originally, we found that reliability further increased when we bought our first Mk4 spreader.  Since then we have added a second Mk4 90 Lowlander to cope with increasing demand for our services.  Our 3 year old spreader is our eighth Bunning 90 Lowlander and we wouldn’t consider any other brand!

The majority of our muck spreading work is farm yard manure although we are asked to spread other products such as chicken manure, paper waste and slurry for our customers.  Our Bunning spreaders give an even spread pattern whatever material we are spreading.

Despite the high workload we expect from our spreaders we have had very few issues with reliability due to the ease of maintaining the spreaders.  As long as you keep the floor chains tensioned, good tips on the spreading augers and plenty of greasing, the Bunning spreaders dont give us any problems.

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