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Lowlander 175 Heavy Duty HBD spreader arrives in Scotland

Stuart Hunt of Hunts Agricultural Services, East Lothian, Scotland is delighted with his new spreader. Stuart previously ran a Bunning Lowlander 120 with Widebody augers. Due to increasing demands from customers for wider spread patterns of higher value products such as chicken manure and gypsum, he decided to upgrade to a new Lowlander 175 Heavy Duty HBD. The machine has 2 large diameter spinning discs which have allowed Stuart to top dress a wheat crop this spring with “Hen Pen” driving in 28 metre tramlines. Fitted with weigh cells and an RDS Apollo controller, application rates are easily achieved with optimum accuracy. IMG_0248The controller is supplied with GPS technology that allows it to spread from prescription maps with full variable rate control and record “as applied” maps.

The 175 HD has been introduced to meet the needs of large scale farmers and contractors looking for a large capacity single axle spreader with large diameter tyres due to their ease of pulling in difficult ground conditions. A 30 tonne solid 150mm square axle from ADR Coleart has been selected and runs in conjunction with 710/70 R42 high load tyres. A sprung drawbar is fitted as standard and the body has been designed to carry the highest possible volume without increasing the transport width.

The 175 is available in either HBD (Horizontal Beaters & Discs) or TVA (Twin Vertical Augers).

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