Farmers Weekly profile Steve Pack

Focussing on accurate lime and fertiliser applications, Steve Pack invested in a bespoke Bunning Lowlander HBD 120 MK4 Compact (Narrow) spreader to widen his weather windows, ease logistics when storing lime on the field, and offer an alternative to his existing spreaders.

The bespoke spreader had a narrower 1,250mm-wide body compared with the standard 1,500mm on normal HBD machines. It features a larger floor drive gearbox, increasing torque from 5,000Nm to 8,000Nm, and larger motors were fitted on the gearbox to increase torque at low floor speeds – which are especially suited to applying heavy products such as lime.

Dcim100mediadji 0539.jpg

Other extra features included a floor slat on every other horizontal chain link to improve the flow of product to the discs. Standard HBD spreaders feature a floor slat on every third horizontal link. Due to the narrower body, the spreader could be fitted with wider 800/70 R38 tyres to reduce compaction in the fields but remain under a 3m transport width.

Farmers Weekly visited Steve to profile his business along with how the bespoke spreader fits into his operation. Read the article here