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Bunning 150 Heavy Duty HBD Saving Time & Money

Taking ownership of a new Bunning Lowlander 150 HD, HBD muck spreader has helped save on time and money in the long-run, for Alex Milne, who farms 1400 acres of livestock and arable ground at Fyvie, Turriff, Scotland.

With a spreading distance of 24 metres, compared to 6 metres with his previous machine and double the capacity, his new purchase is far more efficient, and its low compaction on the field works well with the farm’s min-till system.
“The fewer runs up and down the field, the better, so the fact that the Bunning can hold 18 tonnes, compared to the 9 tonnes that our last muck spreader could take, is ideal. Fewer trips to the muck pile also saves on fuel,” said Mr Milne.
The spreader is fitted with weigh cells, allowing for more accuracy and ensuring ease of use for the driver.
“All in all, it suits our job better than any other, it’s stronger, with a bigger capacity and gets the job done quicker,” added Mr Milne, who has dealt with HRN for around 30 years.
“They are local, reliable, with a great back-up service, and the spares department is second to none – if they haven’t got it, they’ll get it in for you. We also get a great personal and honest service from our salesman Neil Webster – he always has a smile on his face too!”

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