Bath & West Grassland UK 2015

Sales Manager Chris Druce and the team headed South to attend this years Bath & West Grassland UK one day event, held at Shepton Mallet on Thursday 7th May.  Despite the squally weather conditions which lingered thoughout the entire of the previous day of set up, the day of the Event itself brought with it sunshine and much anticipated crowds, keen to view the working demonstrations and chat on the stands.

Bunnings had two machines working; a Lowlander 120 Mk4 HBD followed by the ever popular 105 Mk4 TVA model.  There was also a 105 Mk4 HBD to view on stand and a Lowlander 75 Mk4 TVA on local dealer Halse of Honiton’s stand.

The back to back demo’s which began around 11.00am proved worthwhile as “we had some well received comments on the spreaders performance” said Chris. “The muck, although rather strawy posed no problem for either machine.  It’s all very well reading about a machines ability to perform in the field but to actually see it with your own eyes speaks volumes”.  The Interest was reflected by the number of visitors to the stand, following the working demonstrations.  It was also surprisingly varied, with people enquiring about the Lowlander Farmstar 60 (Bunnings smallest machine) through to larger 12 and 15 tonne models.

Will definately be entered into the Events diary again.