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Top Gear meets Bunning

Mr Dave Morgan Assistant Producer of Top Gear made contact with Bunning a short time ago asking if we would be interested in taking part in an episode of Top Gear with one of our Bunning manure spreaders, the answer was of course yes.

The timing couldn’t have been better as we had a Bunning Lowlander Widebody 380HD being prepared for export, the shipping was cancelled and we finished assembly ready for the test that lay before us.

The 380HD is our Flagship machine, built in the UK and shortly to be built in the USA as well. It weighs in at 32,000Lbs (14,500Kgs) with a carrying capacity of 88,000Lbs (40,000Kgs). It’s tri-axle with 105,000Lbs (48,000Kgs) suspension. The augers are made from heat treated Boron and exclusive to Bunning. Bunning is renowned for its strength and reliability and this just backs that statement up.

GT Bunning and Sons would like to thank the BBC and Top Gear for showcasing the Lowlander Widebody 380HD.


The RDS GT 400 for Bunning muck spreaders

GT Bunning & Sons Ltd are pleased to announce the addition of a simple weight indicator for their market leading range of Lowlander muck spreaders.

The GT 400 allows the operator to add the weight up by pressing the start/stop button after every load. The system is integrated with the same load cells as used on the popular and proven RDS Apollo psi indicator. To further reduce the cost of having a weigh cell system on smaller muck spreaders Bunning and RDS/Digistar have developed a drawbar mounted load cell for machines from 6 to 10 tonne capacity.

Join ‘Bunning Spreaders’ on Facebook

On Friday 1st May Bunning turned live our new facebook page ‘bunning spreaders’, and within 24 hours we had received two thousand likes worldwide.  Amazed by the vast number of people taking a keen interest in our news and products, it was even more overwhelming when we reached 3500 page likes only a few days later!!

The page is totally interactive and updated daily with photographs, video footage and news of what is happening in the Bunning community both at home and abroad.

Most importantly we encourage our followers to share their comments and pictures which are uploaded to the timeline and customer specific albums on the page.  We are already using some of their photographic material on our website as a result and will hopefully extend this to other promotional material in the future.

If you would like to receive regular updates and notifications, or simply ‘like’ our page then please join ‘bunning spreaders’ today.  Information can be received direct to your phone or tablet and it is a great platform on which to interact with us and others from around the globe.

Bath & West Grassland UK 2015

Sales Manager Chris Druce and the team headed South to attend this years Bath & West Grassland UK one day event, held at Shepton Mallet on Thursday 7th May.  Despite the squally weather conditions which lingered thoughout the entire of the previous day of set up, the day of the Event itself brought with it sunshine and much anticipated crowds, keen to view the working demonstrations and chat on the stands.

Bunnings had two machines working; a Lowlander 120 Mk4 HBD followed by the ever popular 105 Mk4 TVA model.  There was also a 105 Mk4 HBD to view on stand and a Lowlander 75 Mk4 TVA on local dealer Halse of Honiton’s stand.

Lowlander 105 TVAThe back to back demo’s which began around 11.00am proved worthwhile as “we had some well received comments on the spreaders performance” said Chris. “The muck, although rather strawy posed no problem for either machine.  It’s all very well reading about a machines ability to perform in the field but to actually see it with your own eyes speaks volumes”.  The Interest was reflected by the number of visitors to the stand, following the working demonstrations.  It was also surprisingly varied, with people enquiring about the Lowlander Farmstar 60 (Bunnings smallest machine) through to larger 12 and 15 tonne models.

Will definately be entered into the Events diary again.


2015 Launch of New Lowlander Farmstar 80

Bunning have launched the new Lowlander Farmstar 80 to compliment the successful Farmstar 60. The new 80 has a longer body length and larger tyres and is manufactured to the same lightweight yet robust design as the 60.

Drawing on more than 30 years of manufacturing manure spreaders, Bunnings have incorporated many of the proven features of the Mk4 Range such as using the same grade 80 16mm floor chains as on their 15 tonne model.  The augers are constructed from the same hardened Boron flighting and have the Companies proven rubber cushion protection between them and the auger drive gearbox.  The Lowlander Farmstar 80 will meet the needs and budgets of smaller farmers looking for a larger capacity than the Farmstar 60.

Lowlander Farmstar 80

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