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New Agent appointment in South Africa

Bunning Widebody 180 spreader for Bio solids and sludge cake

Greg Shepherd, Joint Managing Director of GT Bunning & Sons Ltd, recently visited South Africa to finalise the appointment of new Bunning agents Northmec. During his stay Greg travelled with Northmec’s Malmesbury Branch Manager Eugene Brits and Sales Representatives Anton Stander, together they visited some existing Bunning customers and prospective new ones.

Vlok Blanckenberg, Klipheuwel.

In Klipheuwel near Cape Town they caught up with Vlok Blanckenberg who has been running a Bunning spreader for 9 years. He recently up-dated his Lowlander 150 Mk4 for a larger Lowlander Widebody 180. “Bunning is the best machine in the world, the quality is great” said Mr Blanckenberg. Around 850 cows are milked on the farm 3 times per day. Mr Blanckenberg estimates that 48,000 tonnes of sand and straw based manure are spread every year on cropping land prior to planting Maize and Wheat.

Blankenberg 180 Widebody

Pictured above are Mr Blanckenberg, his Lowlander Widebody 180 and happy operator.

RW Starke, Darling, Western Cape

Chris and Robert Starke milk 1650 cows and have 3500 cattle in total. They run 2 Bunning Lowlander Mk4 150′s and are very pleased with the appointment of Northmec as the new Bunning agent. Commenting on the spreaders, Robert Starke said “If only everyone built machines like Bunning” he went on to say that they have had no breakdowns and only had to put on new auger points and shorten the chains.

Starke 150 mk4

Pictured above are: Anton Stander, Eugene Brits, Chris and Robert Starke.

Phil Stoffberg, Koeberg, Western Cape.

Mr Stoffberg has been running a Lowlander Widebody 180 and a Lowlander 150 Mk4 for 6 years spreading Bio Solids for Enviroserve in the Capetown region. “Millions of tonnes have gone through the machine in that time and they haven’t missed a beat, Bunning is simply the best equipment I have ever had” said Mr Stoffberg. He has recently taken delivery of 2 new Bunning Lowlander Widebody 180 spreaders fitted with optional 710/70 R38 High Load tyres, flared extension sides and sprung drawbars.

Stoffberg two

Pictured are: Phil Stoffberg and Eugene Brits.

Further to their appointment Northmec have invested considerably in spare parts for the Bunning range of spreaders. Sales, parts and service contact information are available by clicking on the “Distributors” link and then on the pin for South Africa.




New 6 meter press

New Press 027

Investment in new equipment continues at the GT Bunning factory. This new 6 meter wide press costing approximately £ 170,000.00 and weighing 33 tonnes was installed early in January 2014. It can appy 320 tonnes of load to material up to 8mm thick and 6 meters in length. Incorporating laser angle correction and being fully computer controlled will ensure cosistent componet production in less time than the previous model. The special throat depth of 850mm will ensure that all extra wide flared sides will continue to be offered on the Lowlander range of spreaders.

Bunning reliability down under.

Bunning spreaders in Australia.

Owen and Jaden Cocking farm near Moora, just north of Perth in Western Australia. They have been applying Bio-solids for a number of years and purchased their first Bunning spreader in early 2007. “The machine has had hundreds of thousands of tonnes through it and has been fantastic” said Owen. A deal has just been struck with GT Bunnings WA dealer Bunbury Machinery for a new Widebody 230 to exactly the same spec as the first machine. Pictured from the left are Owen Cocking, Rod Ellard and Kim Jackson of Bunbury Machinery and Jaden Cocking.

Swedish visitors

Swedish visit nov 13

Gt Bunning & Sons recently had the pleasure of a visit from a group of Farmers and Contractors from Sweden. The trip, organised by Fredrik Lidberg of Bunnings distributor in Sweden, Ysta Maskiner, took in a tour of the Bunning factory, a visit to an Anairobic Digester operation, a field demonstration of 2 Lowlander 150 Heavy Duty HBD spreaders with Automatic Application Rate Control and a visit to Norwich Cathedral.Three of the group already run Bunning spreaders with the remainder interested in purchasing in the near future. A special thanks to the team at Paul Gunther Contracting who went out of their way to give valuable information and insight into the operation and capability of the machines.

On show Down under

Bunning manure spreaders in Australia with Landaco

The Lowlander 90 Mk4 manure spreader displayed on the Landaco stand at the recent Commonwealth Bank AgQuip Field Days proved a popular machine with visitors, said Landaco Managing Director Peter Connor from Wagga Wagga. “Landaco has been attending AgQuip for 25 years so now being able to offer a broader range of Manure Spreaders is a welcome addition to the companies portfolio,” Peter said. “More farmers are asking us for manure spreaders with more accurate spread patterns, those visiting us at the field days comment that they like the simple, yet strong design with options available to suit all applications.”

Landaco have 4 Bunning spreaders in stock for immediate delivery and have invested heavily in spare parts to be able to give first class back up for new and existing machines in their area of Australia.

Pictured left is Peter Conner, Landaco MD and right Guy Wiedemann, Sales Representative for Landaco.

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