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New Widebody® 380 HD makes debut

Widebody 380 HD

Tuesday 29th of July 2014 saw the New Bunning Lowlander Widebody® 380 HD get its first outing at a public manure demonstration in Lexington Nebraska USA. This new model gets increased load carrying capacity from a new 48tonne tri axle suspension set and larger diameter 600/55 R26.5 tyres as standard, other sizes are available. New extension sides with thicker side sheets and pressings ensure a heaped volumetric capacity of 40m³. A heavy duty sprung drawbar and 1 steering axle are standard features. The new specification of the Widebody® 380 HD will allow users to haul larger loads at higher speeds than the standard model. Feedback from customers at the event prompted Bunning dealer Joel Onken to say “Give us a few weeks and you might be a little busy!”

Bunning Widebody 380 HD manure spreader  Onken Feedlots USA

New Building/Workshop

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July 2014 see’s the start of a phased expansion plan at G T Bunnings’ premises in Dereham, Norfolk.  This expansion has been in the planning stage for the last year as worldwide demand for G.T Bunnings’ products continues to grow.  The company has been investing in new equipment to help with productivity and now needs more workshop space to further increase manufacturing capacity at the plant.

Phase one of the project is the construction of a new assembly plant measuring 55 metres by 20 metres with an eve’s height of 8 metres and will allow the company to rationalise the layout of its existing workshops, improving efficiency and productivity.  The new building will be fully equipped with two overhead beam cranes, two 7.5 tonne cranes and two 4 tonne cranes. Solar panels are also planned for the south facing roof space to reduce the carbon footprint at the plant.  The first new workshop will be used for final assembly of agricultural machinery and pallet inverters, both of which require a lot of space due to the sheer size of the equipment, and is expected to be completed by September 2014.

Phase two and three will involve the construction of two further workshops, both equal in size to the phase one facility.  These will be used to provide a third paint booth, a second shot blast facility and a storage area for machines waiting assembly.  Planning permission has been granted for phase two and three and work is expected to start on construction in the near future.

New Building 7 New Building 8

Cereals Event 2014

James Sapsed with new Bunning Manure Spreader

At this years Cereals Event, Bunnings exhibited two versions of the increasingly popular HBD spreader with the horizontal beater & spinning disc rear discharge spread mechanism.  Both machines being custom built to suit the requirements of the individual users (see featured photo; Mr. James Sapsed) were well received by arable farmers visiting the stand.  The machines are ideally suited for spreading high value, organic products such as bio solids and poultry manures at wider spread widths and accurate application rates, further enhanced by the RDS weighing technology (fitted to both machines on stand).

The new RDS weighing system was available to view for the first time since its introduction to the range of optional equipment for the Lowlander spreader range.  It incorporates GPS technology for the ultimate standard in precision farming.  Prescription maps can be generated and uploaded to the Apollo controller enabling exact variable rate application, achieving optimum efficiency of product distribution.

For further details, please contact us.

PPG Protective & Marine Coatings – World Class Corrosion Protection


GT Bunnings & sons have always been associated with high quality and reliability with both the component parts of their machines and the protective paint finish.

Operating within the agricultural markets in numerous countries around the world subjects the machines to uniquely aggressive stresses and strains. From harsh environments with exposure to potentially corrosive products to withstanding large temperature fluctuations and regular pressure cleaning, the protective coating system needs to be high performance whilst enabling practicality and ease of application.

With unrivalled experience and expertise in coatings technology PPG Protective & Marine Coatings came to the fore with their Sigma Coatings brand. PPG were able to understand our unique requirements and tailor a specification to give us the coating system solution to offer the high performance and quality expected whilst optimising our manufacturing procedures for application.

This unique heritage and expertise enabled GT Bunning & sons to work closely with PPG to implement a 2 component re-coatable system from the high performance SigmaCover and SigmaDur ranges. This system not only offers excellent corrosion protection but also excellent long term gloss and colour retention providing extended cosmetic performance whilst offering improved cleaning properties.

Extensive field trials were carried out with the system at the implementation stage and the results spoke for themselves. GT Bunning and sons are now in the 11th year of using this protective system for all machines and believe that the quality of the products and technical and commercial support given by PPG Protective & Marine Coatings is unrivalled by any other supplier in the protective coatings industry.

Meet the Onkens

Meet the Onkens

Based in Carroll, Iowa, Onken Feedlots bought their first Bunning 350 tri-axle Widebody spreader in 2009; they now own four, a testament in itself. When I asked Joel Onken, why they had bought a Bunning spreader he said “We needed a machine that could spread all year round and cope with temperatures ranging from -104F to +104F. The Bunning is more than up to the task”. He went on to say that the machine had exceeded their expectations for durability, reliability and spread pattern adding, “It spreads very evenly and consistently with an average spread width of 60 feet from the vertical beater machine and up to 150 feet with the horizontal beater machine. The horizontal beater machine is great when dealing with hotter products like chicken manure”. Joel explained that the company had first bought a Bunning machine due to it being stronger than anything else they had seen and that this remained the case.

Reflecting on the way that the relationship between Onken and G.T. Bunning had grown over the years and the positive effect this had had on his business, Joel stated “Our business has grown because of the service we offer and because of the spreaders. Whenever we do customer work we receive really great feedback. Because we were so impressed with Bunning spreaders we asked the Bunning Distribution Company (Dutch Bunning Distribution) if we could also sell their machines. They agreed and this has become a very successful part of the Onken business”.

The Bunning machines are manufactured in North America as well as at the company’s main manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom. The set-up also includes a distribution company named DUTCH BUNNING DISTRIBUTION which is based in Saskatchewan. This trans-Atlantic set up has clear advantages for the Iowa based company who went on to say, “Having machines manufactured in North America as well as the UK is great, it gives us confidence in the parts support and back up”.

G.T. Bunning and Sons Ltd. was founded in 1906 and has always manufactured for the agricultural market. It first built spreaders in 1986, so has a good track record in this field. “Build them strong and keep them simple” is still the company’s philosophy to this day.

The photo above from left to right:

Marlin Hein, Joel Onken, Dave Hertwigsen, Andrew Krause, Shelby Baumeister, Rick Onken, Justin Onken & Rod Becker.

Contact details for Onken Feedlots and Dutch Bunning Distribution are found under “Distributors” on this website.

If you would like a demonstration so we can prove they are as good as people say they are please contact your local distributor or Dutch Bunning Distribution +1 306 7814820.

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